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Organized Nov 2, 1920

                     We are part of the Philadelphia Mummers'                             Parade which happens annually on New Year's                         Day in the heart of South Philadelphia. Thousands                     of Mummers welcome in the New Year by                               parading in either the Comics, Fancy Club, Fancy                       Brigade, or the main attraction of the parade, the                       String Band division.


       Celebrating our 100th anniversary on November 2, 2020;         having marched in 100 consecutive      

   parades, we have compiled one of                                           the best prize records in the

   history of the Mummers' Parade.





Here are some key notes about Hegeman

  • Organized in 1920, by a music store owner by the name of Earnest A. Hegeman

  • The only band to have performed in 2 Inaugural Parades. Harry Truman 1949 & John F. Kennedy 1961

  • Performed privately for Prince Rainier III of Monaco & Grace Kelly 1956

  • Performed at The Bellevue Stratford for King Gustav of Sweden in 1976

  • All male membership until 1991

  • The first year with females, the                                           band takes 1st Prize in 1992

  • To date, the only co-ed band to win 1st prize and only champion band on 2st

  • Ten Time Champions of Mummers Parade.



AlFink (16).jpg
Hegeman 1926
Captain Kid and His Pirate Band
1st Prize String Band 
Captain Harry Whitman
Show of Shows (16).jpg
Candlelight Times 
9th Prize   
Captain Al Fink 1st Prize
Captain History
President History
1950- 30th Street Station
Captain Al Fink welcomes 
President Truman 
to Philadelphia
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